Rainy Days

If there’s rain in the forecast it's the customer's responsibility to reschedule 72 hours prior to their rental date, or go on as planned in the event it’s less than 50% chance of rain.


We do NOT setup with a high threat of thunderstorms. When you do not receive the inflatable there is NO CHARGE, however your deposit will be then good up to one year.  If you do receive the inflatable, the full amount will be charged - even if it rains in the middle of your event.

Keep in mind, rain and vinyl may mix on a water slide, but jumping and flipping on a wet bouncer can cause serious injuries.  While our bounce house inflatables do have a roof, they simply cannot stay dry on the inside when wet kids are in and out of them.  Your safety and our liability are our main concern.

Again, we understand that if you need to reschedule your party due to weather, you need to make that decision and notify us within 72 hours. Weather is a tricky thing.  Getting in touch with us if you need to cancel due to the weather is the responsibility of the customer. 

PLEASE NOTE: If the Winds exceed 15 mph or there is any question of safety DEFLATE THE INFLATABLE IMMEDIATELY AND CALL US!

(470) 253-4568

Powder Springs, Georgia 30127