Children Playing on Bouncy Castle

Ultimate Inflatable Rentals and Party Supplies

Jays Jumpin Bounceez LLC is a family owned inflatable party rental business in the great City of Powder Springs, Georgia. We're licensed and insured. We know there's nothing that makes a child scream with delight the way a colorful and big inflatable does. We help to make your birthday party, church, school, outdoor or indoor events the best one ever.

Jays Jumpin Bounceez LLC all began with an idea of a 4 y/o little boy who was always fascinated and loved inflatables. At 4 y/o he asked his father could they purchase some (not his exact words) and his father was like, no son. His dad thought that he only wanted them for himself in their backyard. Well in January of 2019, the 9 year old son approached his dad again. His dad was totally caught off guard and it went like this.

Son: Dad, do you remember what I asked you when I was little?

Dad: What was that son? You asked me a lot of things.

Son: Can we buy bouncy houses and sell (he meant rent) them to people and offer other people jobs.

Dad: Well, ugh, son, okay. 

Jays Jumpin Bounceez LLC, aka JJ Bounceez was founded in March of 2019!

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Powder Springs, Georgia 30127